Just To Share
Today is Thursday 8 April 2010 and i always counting the day, week n month..until when i will stay in this situation??..without any work i do in mylife..i feel so so bored n waste a few time in my life..then when i think again, i'm not waste a time but i'm has using the time for take a challenge and experience for my life..

So, the first good news that i will share with u is about the person that i love..he has pass and finished the PSM project n presentation..i feel so happy today..he is a good man that i have..he is strong but suddenly he also weak becoz of me..so i try to teach him about the feel of loving~lalala~(like i'm a professional lover) hahaha..he always support me in everything that i do and i dont want to do..like me too..also support him and also give him a trouble..but one part that i like he accept everything about me either my weakness or my strength...

For the second good news is about work...the application of the RA at Alumni in UTHM has approved by their management..so i received a call from alumni at the evening..hehehe..so excited but not really becoz many thing should in my mind..haha..baju kurung not here yet..huhu...i dont tell my family about this job becoz it only a contract job..but it give me a happiness...i will try my best to do this work..wow this is my first job in my life..hope there are nothing to happened to me..huhuhu..

So, before i leave my "bebelan" i want to give words for you all.."ingat, kasih syg itu perlu dtg dr hati yg betul-betul ikhlas...mahu dalam berkwan atau percintaan..moga ianya akan kekal utk selamanya"